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What Activities Qualify?

Most Companies Are Unaware That Their Activities Qualify

The Recoup Group has concluded that many businesses are unaware that some or all of their product development and/or product and process imporvement activities may qualify for benefits from the SR&ED program. Yet in today's competitive environment, how many companies have the luxury of not devoting resources to "creating new or improving existing materials, devices, products or processes"?  The following will give you an overview of the program qualifications.  Remember......you don't have to be wearing a "white lab coat" to be performing SR&ED activities.

How Do I Know If My Project Qualifies?

A project is eligible when it consists of a systematic investigation by experiment or analysis in an eligible field, and has all three of the following characteristics:

  1. the work advances scientific or technical knowledge;
  2. the work departs from standard practice and the outcome is uncertain a) because of the approach taken, or b) on account of technical factors; and
  3. work is actually performed by suitably qualified people and the activities and results are documented.

Does My Research Qualify?

The SR&ED program applies generally to the development of new or improved materials, products and processes. A company must show that the activity was characterized by the resolution of technological uncertainty through experimentation or analysis for solving practical technological problems. It is important to note that beyond basic and applied research, experimental development also qualifies.

Experimental development is the use of the results of basic or applied research for the purpose of creating new or improving existing materials, devices, products or processes.

CONFUSED.....Don't be.

Let The Recoup Group guide you through the process. 

Call 1.877.4 RECOUP or check out the RecoupRover to determine if you may qualify.

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