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The Recoup Advantage

What Makes Us Stand Out

The Recoup Group distinguishes itself through the following attributes:

Ability to identify qualifying SR&ED Projects

The Recoup Group's understanding of CRA SR&ED rules and regulations allows the company to identify projects that will qualify for SR&ED credits. Projects that may not be considered by the client or other SR&ED firms are fully exhausted and analyzed by The Recoup Group.

Quality of Technical Write Up

The Recoup Group's ability to define and articulate highly technical projects is crucial in its ability to prepare SR&ED documentation on behalf of its clients.

The “Recoup Binder”

The Recoup Group has developed a documentation archiving system that has become highly respected by CRA representatives. The “Recoup Binder” provides comfort to CRA technical and financial auditors that the information provided is complete, accurate and formatted to meet CRA standards.

“Digs Deep” 

The Recoup Group works hard at maximizing its clients SR&ED claims and will “push the envelope” with respect allocating associated R&D costs to the applicable projects within CRA SR&ED codes.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Recoup Group's entrepreneurial spirit is unmatched in the industry. The Recoup Group adopts a partnership philosophy with its clients’ as The Recoup Group understands the importance of aggressively pursing all avenues available to ensure the company is in a position to achieve the greatest return on its R&D. This is evident in The Recoup Group's negotiation skills with CRA Reviewers.

The Clock is Ticking

Your refund is LOST if you do not claim your eligibile expense within 18 month after the year end in which they were incurred. 

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